Saturday, 20 July 2013

St. Lucia Diary Pt. 4: It's Carnival!

So after an intense morning at J'ouvert, we were ready for the road! As I previously mentioned, it is truly a miracle that we even managed to wake up and arrive on time. Here are our costumes: we were in the Phoenix section in Just 4 Fun, the only item missing are our leg pieces which we hastily put on on the side of the road.

Carnival Monday was nice, the sun was blazing hot..which meant that I was at the bar every half hour to get water, I couldn't drink anymore alcohol at that point as I was beyond dehydrated! We didn't quite make it to the end of the day, as the truck circled through Castries we dumped our headpieces on the truck and ventured off to find food and a restroom; it was actually quite nice to chill on the roadside as we recovered from the morning.

Carnival Tuesday was when the real fun kicked off; we had a lie-in followed by brunch before we got dressed and headed to Mega J. We had to run a bit to catch up with our band, but as soon as we found it the first thing we did was run underneath the wet truck to cool down, before chipping behind the big truck. I honestly had so much fun on the Tuesday, I didn't want it to end...the stretch by Vigie was my favourite: plenty of space on the road to patakpataktak!

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