Wednesday, 10 July 2013

St. Lucia Diary Pt. 2: Colour Me Red and Sexy in Black

Colour Me Red
I have to admit that I was far from excited to see Machel Montano again, don't get me wrong he's an amazing performer who never disappoints, but I was more excited to see Bunji Garlin at Sexy in Black. Anyway after a LONG day of going in to town, collecting our costume and rushing to get dressed in 30 minutes we arrived at the Beausejour Cricket Ground about midnight, I couldn't tell you who was performing, as we rushed to grab some food and drink  immediately. We caught the tail end of Ricky T's performance before we headed into the crowd to watch Machel, we were front and centre of course! 

Machel's performance was good as usual, the vibe and energy was MAD. He sang all his classic hits, current songs and songs by other artists; the crowd was hyped all the way through. The highlights for me were when he threw a bottle of his rum into the crowd which I almost caught, but instead got in my eye, sitting on the shoulders of a stranger only to be pointed out by Machel, and when he sang The Fog (the song I was waiting all night for) the crowd went crazy literally dancing in the fog; I had no complaints about the night except the red powder that Machel's people threw into the crowd was quite a struggle to remove!

Outrageous Sexy in Black
After rushing and arriving late the other night we ended up being early birds for Sexy in Black...├╝ber annoying, the plus side however was that we got to be front and centre again, but this time I mean right up front against the railings...perfect spot! I only knew a few of the songs performed by the local artists, mostly from listening to 105.3 FM; their energy and performances were great though, I enjoyed myself despite not knowing all the songs and I was happy to see the Lucian's support their artists! Ricky T's performance was brilliant as usual, I've seen him several times before and he always manages to get the crowd hype, whether it's St. Lucia or London, Sexy in Black was no exception...I can't get enough of his 2013 hit Mass Attack...I'm rooting for it to win Power Soca Monarch!

Next up was the Superblue performance; the calypso legend put on a good show, however it appeared that much of the crowd (myself included) were only familiar with Bacchanal Time and the 2013 Power Soca Monarch hit Fantastic Friday. Naturally nothing warms up a crowd then some crowd participation, Superblue was on the search for the sexiest woman in black: he looked out into he crowd, down the side stage and then came back to the front. I probably owe it to the guy next to me who pointed me out, but Superblue called me up on stage! I was a little embarrassed to get on stage in front of all those people, so I encouraged my enthusiastic friend to go in my place...that wasn't enough, Superblue asked why is the girl I called not stage? Next thing you know, the guy next to me has me on the other side of the fence and I'm climbing up the stage to wasn't so bad as I could barely see anybody in the crowd, I couldn't believe it, I was on stage dancing with Fay-Ann's dad...the Superblue!

After my fifteen minutes of fame were up, I went back into the crowd to enjoy Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann Lyons performance. I was super excited from the moment I heard that Bunji would be performing, he's had nothing but hits this year and most of my favourite songs from Trinidad this year are his. Their joint performance was of my favourite parts was when they sang songs from other islands, I may or may not have scaled the fence when they performed Balance Batty (I couldn't keep calm, I'm a Dominican)! According to Bunji we were privileged to his only performance of Vikings Coming outside of St. Vincent, and believe me I was grateful for that privilege. All the rag waving, jumping, singing and screaming exhausted me so I was delighted that Fay-Ann sang a reggae song to cool down the audience which was far from ready to go home. We decided against the after party as we needed to conserve our energy for the next few days. 

Stay tuned for more...

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