Sunday, 7 July 2013

St. Lucia Diary Pt. 1

We landed in St. Lucia on Friday, ready to drink and party the night away! After about an hours drive (which feels like a lifetime after an 8hr flight) we finally arrived at the hotel to chill out and get dressed for the evening. First stop was a quick bite to eat on the strip (Reduit Beach Avenue), then onto to the Gros Islet Street Lime; at first I was bored and unimpressed with the music (Dance, Pop) there were a lot of tourists congregated front and centre, so we just chilled on the sidelines drinking rum punch.

Later on when the vibe changed and the DJ played Soca, Dancehall and Reggae, we really began to enjoy ourselves; nothing beats the freedom of dancing in the streets! We danced without a care in the world, drank and danced some more...we impressed a few of the locals who had no idea us Brits could party like that...

All in all I had a great night, I was feeling the vibes, the people were friendly and I was having a great time until some c*** stole my phone from my bag, I was livid to say the least and ready to swing for someone and I made that very clear! Luckily some locals including someone I met from J4F helped me to call my phone, although I never got it back and managed to block the phone, I was mostly annoyed about the photos we had taken that night which I never got to share and never will, which sucks! It also ruined my blogging plans, so I was pretty pissed to say the least...but such is life and luckily I had my BB, and most of my contacts on other devices. I refused to let it ruin my fun, but I wished the most evil thoughts on the person who did it lol!

Stay tuned for more!

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