Sunday, 2 March 2014

Foodie Post: Joe's Southern Kitchen

This week's foodie post is a simple meal for one courtesy of Joe's Southern Kitchen- famous for their pressure-fried chicken, and you know how much I love my fried chicken! I wanted to sample a bit of everything so I instead of ordering a meal I selected a combination of starters and sides including: Southern Fried Wings, Southern Style Mac 'n' Cheese, Fried with Chicken Salt and the Corn Bread Muffins.
Although I enjoyed my meal, I'm a fussy eater, so it was not without Let's start with the downsides: the Corn Bread Muffins had nothing on the ones from Bodean's, and the Mac N Cheese obviously could not compare to a good Caribbean Macaroni Pie, but I appreciated the addition of spinach, and remedied the taste with a sprinkling dollop of hot sauce. 

The fries were good, not much else to say there, however the chicken wings? They were ah-may-zing! I could have happily done with just the wings, fries and the Tabasco Honey. The skin on the chicken was crisp but light, and was adequately seasoned so they tasted good even without sauce!

Now back to the Tabasco Honey: it's literally honey that tastes like Tabasco Sauce...I drowned my wings in it- it was that good. In case you're wondering, a quick google search informs me that this can be replicated with a mixture of honey, Tabasco Sauce and salt; I will be trying this at home!

The cocktail menu was pretty cool, but I opted for Joe's Lemongrass Lemonade (which was surprisingly sweet) instead. I was impressed that they had almost an entire page dedicated to Tequila, and had a wide variety of rum on offer.

I will definitely be revisiting Joe's for the fried chicken and rum!

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