Thursday, 13 June 2013

Wishbone - Brixton Market Row


When I first heard about Wishbone I was immediately sold, I hate to feed into the stereotype but love fried chicken, seriously whether it's my grandmothers homemade recipe or the five wings and chips deal at my local Chicken Cottage I just can't get enough! The USP here is that the chicken, I used this assure my friend who was on a diet at the time that this makes it a healthier dining option; I know I know but you have to live a little right?

The restaurant is located inside Brixton Market Row the wonderfully posh reincarnation of the indoor market where many South London women may remember purchasing elaborate hoisery, again I'm being dead serious. The interior is reminiscent of an in vogue conceptual New York City restaurant: expect high tables and bar-stools, the seating outside is not too dissimilar from a school dining experience but don't let that put you off, it all makes for a laid-back environment that compliments the menu. The staff are friendly and cool, and the music is awesome too, think Tribe Called Quest, Rick Ross, French Montana and even Craig about nostalgia.

Ting served with a slice of Grapefruit

Now for the best part, the food! The restaurant immediately scored extra points for offering Ting (a grossly underrated soda outside the Caribbean), and Ginger Beer. I decided to order the Korean Double Fried Wings as recommended by my waiter, Fries and the Deep Fried Mac 'N' Cheese which both my friend and I ordered as she assured me that it was a must, my friend also decided upon the Chicken Shop Wings and the Slaw (Coleslaw).

Korean Double Fried Wings and Fries

The Korean Double Fried Wings were absolutely delicious! The sweet, but tangy sauce had slight orange-y taste which was then contrasted with the spring onions and the chilli, these tasted amazing on their own however the House BBQ Sauce which is served with the Chicken Shop Wings complimented them perfectly. The Chicken Shop Wings were crunchy and moderately seasoned, I would have preferred a little more spice, however the addition of the House BBQ Sauce made up for that; I would probably recommend ordering both within a group and sharing for variety.

Chicken Shop Wings served with House BBQ Sauce

The fries were fresh tasting with the perfect crispness that I like in French fries, perhaps only second to Chez Gerad? The Slaw was definitely a miss, I'm all for a good homemade coleslaw but the taste was very sharp and unpleasant, neither my friend or I had more than a bite.

Here's where it all got rather exciting...the Deep Fried Mac 'N' Cheese. Initially when these arrived I was extremely underwhelmed, they appeared to be four cubes of 'stuff' coated and deep fried in breadcrumbs, that couldn't have been further from the truth. After taking my first bite into one the Deep Fried Mac & Cheese squares I was pleasantly the delighted by the warm, gooey and soft macaroni and cheese centre; it was comparable to a savoury Baked Alaska, the outside was perfectly crisp and crunchy whilst the filling maintained its integrity. If you order just one side dish from the menu ensure it is this!

Deep Fried Mac 'N' Cheese

Overall I would rate Wishbone 4/5. The reason for the slight markdown is that although the food is good, it is not a restaurant I would revisit continuously, however I feel that it's definitely worth the initial visit. The restaurant is most suited toward Fried Chicken lovers (obviously) and those who enjoy quirky dining concepts.

Unit 12 Market Row
Brixton Market
0207 274 0939

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  1. Love! Just reading this and giggling as I crave the chicken.