Thursday, 18 July 2013

St. Lucia Diary Pt. 3: We going 25/8!

Just 4 Fun Indulgence Breakfast Fete

We decided to go to the all inclusive breakfast party hosted by our carnival band Just 4 Fun; we were beyond fashionably late...the party started at 4am and we arrived just before 9am, this did not go unnoticed by our section leader lol! The party was nice and intimate with people who just wanted to have a good time and dance. We were greeted with champagne on arrival and spent the rest of the morning at Grey Goose bar, it was my first time tasting their Cherry Noir flavour which went really well with cranberry- we were hooked! The food was good also (saltfish, bakes, souse, saltfish fritters, chicken and more), and the music had me dancing the moment I swallowed my last bite, despite only making the last couple of hours we had a great time and would probably go again, it was nice to attend a small party in the midst of the carnival madness!

Just 4 Fun Jab Jab Fete

Guess what? We were late again and only caught the last hour or so of the party, but that never stops us from having a good time once we arrive. It was another all inclusive party (we seriously need these back in London) so I filled my free sports bottle with Chairman's Reserve and Coke before enjoying the last 40 mins or so of the party; by the time the trucks started playing music in perpetration of J'ouvert I was charged up!

J'ouvert Morning 
J'ouvert morning is without a doubt the best Monday morning in the entire calendar! J4F had their own J'ouvert which started from outside Gaiety and remained up north; it was nice as there were no outsiders, just the revellers in the band. I had an amazing time, I literally live for J' soon as the paint buckets came out I ensured that I was covered from head to toe, nothing beats the carefree freedom and party atmosphere at J'ouvert. Lets just say we had such a merry morning that it's a blessing from God that we even managed to meet our truck on time later that morning!

FYI these events were all in the same day/24 hours...

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