Saturday, 11 January 2014

Patty & Bun: The Battle of the Burgers Continues!

Earlier in the week I was out shopping and fancied a burger for lunch, at first it was a toss up between Five Guys and Shake Shack but we ended up deciding on Patty & Bun due to the close proximity at the time. 

On first impressions the restaurant is small and cramped cosy but it was nice; I'm all about the environment and I really enjoyed the music (quite a bit of reggae) it reminded me of Wishbone in that respect which is good. A quick glance at the drinks menu won Patty & Bun a few extra points: they serve Appleton Rum as well as Wray & Ting, it seems the hipsters are catching on to other popular Jamaican beverages as they did with Red Stripe but I digress...

I ordered a 'Smokey Robinson' Burger (which I should mention is served medium rare as a standard) and my companion ordered the 'Hot Chic' Chicken Burger. Our waitress assured us that we could share sides so we ordered the Chips with Rosemary Salt and 'Winger Winger Chicken Dinner' chicken wings between the two of us (yes I order wings where ever I go).

Read the rest for my thoughts and of course glorious food porn!

THE VERDICT: Ok so the burger was good but I prefer Haché. The reason being is first and foremost in my opinion the burger was closer to rare than medium-rare and as Patty & Bun use a beef patty (duh) this meant that towards the end the meat just fell apart; in fact I left the last little chunk because at that point it just tasted blah! Other than that the burger was really tasty, I've always preferred brioche bun and it would have been perfect overall if the meat had been cooked that much longer, so in future I would request that my burger is cooked medium.

The chicken burger was nice but I'm not a fan of yoghurt or garlic so it didn't wow me; the chips were good also and are definitely perfect for sharing between two. The chicken wings were the weak link however and it really baffles me how something so simple could go so wrong, I mean even McDonald's make good chicken wings! The best way I could describe them are wings in breadcrumbs with a very lacklustre sauce...epic fail. I wish we had skipped over them and saved room for dessert but that's a lesson learnt!

Overall I would recommend trying Patty & Bun, but I don't see this becoming an obsession of mine unless I can get that beef patty cooked to perfection!

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  1. It looks SO good though! What a shame it didn't live up to expectations!