Friday, 10 January 2014

Flashback Friday: Aruba

I celebrated my birthday in Aruba a few years ago and had such an amazing time; this beautiful Caribbean island has one the best beaches that I've ever been to (second only to Varadero in Cuba) as well as a unique mix of cultures and nationalities (I met less than 5 native Arubans during my visit). The climate is very dry and desert-like climate which is a huge contrast to the high humidity of other islands such as St. Lucia, it was also quite windy and oddly enough there were no mosquito's or any of the other bugs associated with the tropics.

Iguanas casually cross the road all the time out there!
There's an abundance of luxury shopping including gems and fine jewellery.
The capital Oranjestad.
Palm Beach

The iguanas are everywhere!
This has to be the coolest license plate ever...

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