Monday, 6 January 2014

Home Cooking: Rib-Eye Steak and Rice!

I'm a huge lover of steak; nothing, and I mean nothing goes down better than a medium-rare rib-eye! Although despite this proclaimed love I've never actually cooked steak at home before, but decided to finally give it a try and I must say it went really well!

I kept the seasoning fairly simple: soy sauce, black pepper, chilli and garlic (although I did add Jamaican All Purpose Seasoning - not the chemical-laden UK version). I seared the meat for a minute either side, then proceeded to fry for a further 10 minutes at a slightly lower temperature, turning the meat over half way through cooking. 

Here are the results:
Excuse the random parsley, I was in a rush to take the pic!

Next time I would reduce the overall cooking time by 2 minutes as a personal preference, but this method delivers perfect medium-well results. I may also try using jerk seasoning as well; I think the powdered version would work better in this instance, but for everything else stick to the paste!

Don't count on this being a permanent feature on the blog as I much prefer to make reservations, but cooking at home is fun nevertheless! 

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