Thursday, 6 February 2014

Foodie Post: Sticky Wings

I live for food...literally, and chicken wings remain a firm favourite (blame it on the pigment). This of course means that I'm particularly fond of restaurants that specialise in wings and offer not only a variety of flavours, but also a boneless option.

However, Sticky Wings don't offer a huge variety (only four flavours I believe) but instead make up for it with the choice between a conservative British portion (6 wings) and a more sensible American portion (11 wings).

Naturally I ordered the Buffalo Wings which have always been a firm favourite, and somehow allowed the waitress to convince me to actually consider trying the blue cheese dip; I must say she didn't steer me wrong with that one at all and I hate don't really eat dairy (especially cheese).

The portion size was perfect, the fries were really good, and best of all they provide you with a bucket to put your bones in, which may sound small but you'd be surprised at how many places have not thought of this! My partner-in-crime opted for the BBQ wings as admittedly we ate buffalo wings the previous day (see what I mean), they tasted good also and I loved that they were drenched in sauce.

Overall as much as I enjoyed my meal I've been spoilt by New York City dining and therefore have had much better wings in Brooklyn...le sigh!

(But if you're reading this from London it's worth visiting)

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