Thursday, 13 February 2014

Foodie Post: Burger and Lobster for the win!

 I love seafood especially lobster, but up until this point I hated Burger & Lobster! After hearing so much about it and waiting 2 hours to eat, it was very underwhelming. A number of things contributed to my bad experience: first the wait, although we went away and came back, I hate waiting for food. Secondly I was seated in the aisle and not the booth, which again I hate and we were right by the kitchen- I would have made a fuss however there was no alternative seating.

As you can imagine I was extremely irritable by the time I was ready to order. Then as per the waiter's advice I order my lobster grilled, which turned out to be a big mistake! He ensured us it was the better option and promised it would be flavoursome, instead we received dry, chewy, possibly overcooked lobster. My friends and I came to the conclusion that either the general public had poor taste buds, or they sold us dreams on Instagram because the food was so bland that we needed the sauce and even resorted to using ketchup!

I say all this as a prelude to my most recent visit to a different branch where the dining is much more comfortable, and instead I ordered the steamed lobster which was much better. I'm still not a huge lover of Burger and Lobster, but I would go back as it's perfect for a day out shopping/a casual lunch. You can't beat the price either...I may even try the Lobster Roll next time as I love Brioche. This should give me my lobster fix until I'm in the tropics!

Of course a dinner date would not be complete without dessert...

Banofee Crêpe
Strawberry Crêpe
 Oh and last but not least my latest find in Selfridges...

The taste is absolutely delicious; there's also other flavours including Passion & Guava I believe...but this one was the nicest!


  1. Overcooked Lobster, I cant!
    I was looking forward to dining this weekend.

    1. Stick with the steamed and you should be good!