Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Kara Walker at the Camden Arts Centre

The full title of the exhibition is, "We at Camden Arts Centre are Exceedingly Proud to Present an Exhibition of Capable Artworks by the Notable Hand of Celebrated American, Kara Elizabeth Walker, Negress."

I first saw this exhibition a couple of weeks ago and although I had a rough idea of what to expect as it was personally recommended, I still found the works to be intriguing; believe me they definitely provided the 'shock' factor. Not only did I find that Kara addressed these particular themes of race in a clever and innovative way, but her choice of medium added to the viewers experience and approach to the artwork in addition to the topic at hand.

I would highly recommend going to visit this exhibition: it's free and is on until the 5th January 2014. Watch the video below for an insight into Kara's inspirations and methodology.


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