Saturday, 12 October 2013

Music Corner: Magna Carter World Tour

I was initially hyped about the MCHG album until I realised that despite the great production it was lyrically abysmal, all of a sudden I was no longer excited about the prospect of his new tour. However being the massive Jay-Z Stan fan that I am I decided it would worth going even if it was only to hear the classics.

I was so glad that I went as it turned out to be more of a greatest hits tour with him only performing five tracks off the Magna Carter album. I enjoyed it slightly more than Watch The Throne Tour simply because I was in the mosh pit this time round. The warm up DJ set got the crowd going long before Jay-Z arrived on stage with a mixture of Biggie, Drake, French Montana and various other rap artists on rotation.

I was pleasantly surprised that Timbaland was the DJ for the tour and not only were we privy to a new track from his upcoming album but also we got to hear some of his classic beats during a short interlude. Other highlights included Jay-Z performing his verse on Drake's Pound Cake which was completely unexpected, and Coldplay's Chris Martin coming on stage to sing the hook for Heart of the City; the only disappointment was that Jay-Z didn't perform Oceans, but other than that the majority of his best songs were featured including an explosive opening with U Don't Know off the Blueprint album.

Here are some pics from the night:

The closing song "Forever Young"
This guy's t-shirt was so cool! Last supper with the likes of Biggie, Nas, Rakim...

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