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Piece Of Velvet: Nobody Does Velvet Cake Like This!

Anyone who knows me even the slightest will know that I love cake: cupcakes, rum cake, birthday cake- you name it I adore it! So it comes as no surprise that at the top of my to-do list when I arrived in New York City was to get a slice (or two) of Red Velvet Cake...

A couple of years ago I when I was in the city I was introduced to what I thought was the greatest red velvet cake ever from an infamous bakery in Brooklyn; I told anyone who would listen to visit and see for themselves just how good it tasted. So I'm sure that you can imagine my excitement when I heard about the recently opened Piece of Velvet located at the original 708 Fulton Street address where the previous bakery resided.

Photo Credit: Piece of Velvet Facebook

My friend and I featured on the Instagram page for the second time lol!

It's unlike me to not photograph my food so I apologise in advance for the lack of food porn, however allow me instead to seduce your taste buds with my words and convince you that a visit to Piece of Velvet is a must!

First of all, not all cake is created equal. What I love most about the velvet cake on offer here is the moist, rich, melt-in-your-mouth texture which tastes just as good the next day (or after a plane ride back to London) as it does from the moment you purchase it. It gets even better: not only do they offer a variety of velvet cakes including some specials with ingenious twists, they also sell cupcakes which are perfect to compliment the two or three slices you will be undoubtedly want to buy after trying a sample!

Here's a summary of the flavours I tried:

Vanilla Velvet
Although it may seem plain in comparison to its siblings, the Vanilla Velvet is anything but! This would be an ideal choice when ordering one of the full-size or occasion cakes as it has a more neutral taste that will appeal to all without compromising on the goodness that we all know an love in a traditional Red Velvet Cake.

Caramel Velvet
My personal favourite! The icing is pink, the sponge is sweet, delicious and of a caramel hue (naturally); to me this is the perfect creation, and dare I say it I actually prefer it to my beloved Red Velvet. My friend on the other hand found it too sweet to purchase on its own and instead opted for the Vanilla and Caramel Layered Velvet which features a single layer of Caramel Velvet between two layers of Vanilla providing the perfect balance!

Red Velvet
I won't say too much as I'm sure the majority of readers are familiar with this flavour, however I will say if do you plan to visit be sure to branch out and try something new. Don't get me wrong the Red Velvet here is amazing, but there is so much more on offer and once you take a step outside of your comfort zone you will no doubt fall in love with something new.

Oreo Red Velvet (special)
I love Oreos so I was immediately sold and decided to opt for the pecan-free cupcakes which I enjoyed but wasn't completely in love with; the Oreo icing was nice but I wasn't blown away. However I would definitely recommend them to the Red Velvet fans who don't want to try something too different.

Nutella Velvet (special)
In one word: epic! I actually hate Nutella but I was willing to try a sample as I had nothing to lose, and guess what..? I loved it! I have no idea how they managed to pull that one off, but the taste was incredible. It was far from being overly nutty as I would have expected, yet it had a rich, flavoursome taste...I'm licking my lips just thinking about it. I would actually place this up there with the Caramel Velvet and would love to see it again on the menu at some point in the future!

What I like most about Piece of Velvet (beside the delectable cake) is that the entire team are professional, friendly and above all passionate about their craft. If you live in New York City or happen to be visiting, be sure to pay them a visit and show your support- I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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Piece of Velvet is officially listed as one of my favourite places in the world!

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