Thursday, 23 May 2013

Travel Bucketlist

Anyone who knows me will know that I'm 110% obsessed with travel, I have an extensive list of destinations (a mixture of cities and countries) that I'd like to visit, and I mostly try to go abroad at least once a year. Whilst I'm not expecting to get through my entire bucket list any time soon, I've broken down the list into three/five priority trips that I would like to take within the next 3 years.

Carefree Adventure Holiday
Take this how you will, but it's always been my dream to take a once in a lifetime long trip abroad; somewhere hot and exotic, to have fun, relax and completely unwind. This is the kind of trip I'd take to celebrate the last of my youth before I have real 'adult' responsibilities in life.

source: le-citydeluxe

Asian Adventure
I consider Asia to be my favourite continent (thus far), simply because it's so culturally different to the UK and the other destinations I've visited, in particular Thailand which has an incomparable level of zen that I've yet to experience elsewhere. I'm envious of the travelers who have experienced month-long trips to this region, enjoying daily massages and fruit on the beach; whilst I am not prepared to backpack and sleep in hostels, the affordable accommodation would allow me enjoy the same experience whilst benefiting from 5* resorts.

source: destination Thailand

American Road-Trip
It's no secret that I love New York, it may be cliche but the city truly gives me life! After my first visit at the age of 13, the city left a lasting impression in my mind, and as an adult I try to visit at least once a year, however I'm more than a little curious about the other states. Driving isn't a necessity, as to be honest I'd much rather fly, but it would be cool to visit multiple states during the course of a 10-day/2-week trip; I'm thinking LA, San Francisco and Vegas, but who knows.

source: LA tourist

The Self-Discovery Trip
Every once in a while I get all 'Eat Pray Love', now I've never read the book or even watched the film for that matter, but I do dream about escaping to Bali and 'finding myself'. Even though I feel as if I already know who I am as a  person, I never underestimate the potential growth to be had after spending some quality time alone in an unfamiliar place.


A Trip to Paradise
I only do long haul flights, simply because I like hot (35 degrees celcius average) weather, crystal clear seas and white sand. With that in mind it's safe to say I've already taken many trips to paradise, however I'm still unfulfilled. There are a few Caribbean Islands that I'm dying to visit such as Antigua, St. Vincent and St. Kitts for an even more luxurious and less commercial holiday in comparison to other islands.

source: Caribbean bug

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